QNu Labs Demo Day

QNu Labs talks about what really it means today, to be quantum-safe. How we can change this paradigm for critical infrastructure, banking, telecom, defence and data centres.

Accenture Report: Cryptography in a Post-Quantum World

Accenture talks about the threat to cryptography in a world of quantum computers which is an urgent need for organisations to quantum-safe approaches

QNu Labs at Cisco Live 2019, San Diego

Cisco Live 2019, talks about quantum-resistant session keys

Team Outbound

As a part of team building, QNuites had an eventful weekend at Galibore Jungle Lodges. It was a great learning experience for QNuites, individually and as a team, and fun at the same time!

Gartner: Top Ten Technology Trends 2019

Quantum Computers, in the distant future, will compromise today’s cryptographic key exchange protocols. Quantum Cryptography acquires a place as key trend to protect data going forward.

QNu's Netapp Excellerator: Enhancing Data Security

From Quantam-resistant cryptographic systems, to secure AI-based data extraction solutions, and smart predictive maintenance systems for Industry 4.0, the innovations from these six startups are ready

Get, Set, Cisco Live!

Our startup QNu helps innovators, disrupt existing security paradigms by accelerating their transition to deploy Quantum-safe encryptions

QNu Collaborating with Cisco to Future Proof Encryption using Quantum Cryptography

QNu as part of the Cisco Launchpad is ready to showcase at San Diego from the 8th to 13th of June 2019

Demo Day IIT Research Park

QNu was incubated out of IIT Madras Research Park from 2016 - 2018

Karnataka picks up QNu in the 100 most innovative startups, to give Rs 35 Cr in funding

The startups are being selected under the government’s ELEVATE 100 programme. The initiative also attracted 350 women entrepreneurs and 400 applicants from the rural areas.

QNu Labs: Accelerating the world's transition to Quantum-Safe Security Solutions

“We are a disruptive game changer in the market and we will eventually lead the transition of the world to Quantum safe Systems.”

Nasscom Selects 22 Startups for 2nd Cohort of its DeepTech Club Program

The program provides a platform to QNu to foster engagements, enterprise, investor & global connects, global expansion and in process, get a lot of visibility to choose customers & markets.

Futuristic Technologies Mark the Maturity Curve for NetApp Excellerator Cohort 4

QNu Labs becomes part of the Cohort 4 of the Netapp Excellerator program

Tech for enterprise: Cisco's fourth cohort launchpad focuses on deep tech

Of the 24 startups have graduated from the Cisco Launchpad, around six have raised pre-Series A funding rounds

QNu Labs: NetApp Excellerator Programme 2019

All the six startups are expected to conclude their five-month-long cohort programme by mid-July with an investor pitch

Global tech giants bracing for a quantum leap

The world is likely to face a second ‘Y2K’ problem in 10 years and the time to act on ‘quantum-safe encryption’ is now, experts say.

QuNu Labs: Making The Data Safer For Quantum Computing Era

How can we build a digital world or a digital economy without digital trust?”

How quantum physics keeps ‘moving’ data safe

Do you know, says Anil, that Germany lost World War II because of lack of security of its data in transit?

Meet QuNu Labs, the Bengaluru startup making data safer for the quantum computing era

Quantum Key Distribution, a way to secure data in today's age, while ensuring hackproof communication

On the rise: diving into India’s deep tech innovation boom

From enhancing network security to developing contactless sleep monitoring device, and detecting tuberculosis, these startups are using deep tech to solve real world problems.

CEO Corner: Quantum Cryptography

This techie aims to put India at the forefront of hack-proof communication.

From AI to cyber security, Cisco nurturing innovations by hi-tech start-ups

Quantum cryptography that could propel India to the forefront of hack-proof communication.

Yourstory Feature: QNu goes where no one else has

QNu was recently interviewed by Yourstory, India’s leading digital publication that features Innovative start-ups.