On the rise: diving into India’s deep tech innovation boom

From enhancing network security to developing contactless sleep monitoring device, and detecting tuberculosis, these startups are using deep tech to solve real world problems.

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Indian companies in the deep tech space are making significant leaps in innovation. With its cutting-edge technologies, these companies are solving issues affecting the real-world around them.

There is also a rising investor interest in the niche technology segment due to the impact it is creating in the lives of people and the society.

QNu Labs

Founded by Sunil Gupta, Mark Mathias, and Anil Prabhakar in 2016, Bengaluru-based QNu Labs has built a quantum cryptography platform, which is said to be the future of network security. Its hardware box protects data by separating the keys to the data.

The hacker can find the data, but can never find the encryption key, because the key is constantly changing over the network, which uses photons to secure the data.

This photon-based encryptions lose only small distances over fibre, and QNu Labs is working on securing its over long distances. The company is disrupting current encryption techniques, where only a bunch of keys are used to encrypt the network. It is easy for these static key hackers to break those keys to get to the data.

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