Global tech giants bracing for a quantum leap

The world is likely to face a second ‘Y2K’ problem in 10 years and the time to act on ‘quantum-safe encryption’ is now, experts say.

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“It (quantum safe encryption) depends on how sensitive or important your data is. If it needs to be secure for the next 50 or even 20/30 years, then you need to start working on it now,” said Sanjit Chatterjee, associate professor at the department of computer science and automation at IISc. “But if your data needs to be secure for shorter duration say, a year, or month, then you have time. It depends on your perspective.”
The Department of Science and Technology is funding research under QuEST, while some private players, such as QuNu Labs, are working on niche projects like using quantum key distribution to ensure encryption keys can be exchanged securely over networks.

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